The trio of guitarist/vocalist Dany Paluszek, drummer/percussionist Tom Piechowiak and bassist Pete Lubiak formed not in some big metropoly, but rather in the dirty basements of small city of Glogow, south-west of Poland, in December, 2006. Never the less the journey that lead to this began years earlier.

Paluszek and Piechowiak played together for many years. They first time met in 2002, when Tom replaced drummer in Dany’s band Gaudy Garret, which’s name was changed to Retropolis. With guitarist Saimon ‘Sid’ Kublik and bass player Luke Zygiel, they played for two years hitting local scene with unconventional sounds and energized shows.

On spring of 2004 bass man was replaced by Rob Rzepka (currently plays in Kości). Unfortunately 3 months later solo guitar player Sid decided to move to London to explore other possibilities. The band played on. Name was changed again to LUSZ. Trio format was new path, as more space was to cover after Sid’s left. Overall sound of music transformed into more trance oriented and improvisational trip. LUSZ gained more then local audience, playing many gigs all around south-west Poland and winning festivals, what quite quick established the band as extraordinary musical experience on Polish scene. They recorded demo, but it had gone without much fanfare, the band didn’t sign with any record label. Somehow not big enough response broke the spirit of the band and soon after they paused for few months. In this time Rob received a proposal to play in Kości, and LUSZ lost the bottom line. All this said, Tom and Dany played on looking for someone who would fit this place. And then Pete, just so released from the bass post at Kości, comes to scene. They stared rehearsing together and soon after that Manescape came to live.

Dany Paluszek, Tom Piechowiak and Peter Lubiak were looking to create music that reflected who they were, individually and jointly. The trio began experimenting with trance grooves that could rock as hard as contemporary rhythms, yet remained essentially simple and propulsive, giving the musicians ample room to create hypnotic structures and sounds that were filling with both improvisation and psychedelic fumes.

From the very beginning, their music has seemed to combine trance rock grooves with the high-energy sound of guitars. Strong, novae drums, grooving bass and harsh guitar intertwine with dreamy, ascetic and often mystical vocals. The result evokes the atmosphere of 70’s psychedelic rock and modern forms of new century.

The core of Manescape’s music is their strong rhythm section, inspired by the historical artists, but going further and building intuitive structures. They are now ultimately one of the extensively touring band – they are playing for Polish audience and plan to go international, as many says they belong there.

Vocalist Dany didn’t give up his existential manner of singing what gained so much character in his performance. Unexpectedly Daniel has also developed his personal style of guitar playing, which perfectly fits into this combination of music and invoke noise climate of neo-psychedelic magicians from San Francisco / Los Angeles. Drummer Tom is the breed himself. Powerful tone and sound impact, continuous search for proper solutions and that ‘something’ holding integrity and extracting body fluids not only from ears! This intransigent bassist Pete has added for remaining two mature look, embedded core and energy straight from the bowels.

It is said that they are „new discovery of polish alternative stage” or „band of compelling sound”. 3rd Program of Polish Radio has recognized Manescape as „hope” and has placed them on one of most important compilations “”. In spite of relatively short band history Manescape has already managed to do some fuss. Recorded in 2007 first demo “D-Tape” has brought first fans for the group. A year later recorded and independently released EP album “In Progress” has rendered strong impression on still growing group of fans. This publication has also gained a lot of supporters among journalists and broadcasters around the country. Confirmation of growing success of the group are numerous festivals, where Manescape beside prizes has won equal recognition of the audience as well as jurors.

Boosting attendance on concerts and recognition among fans of alternative music has borne first short route “POWERED by MANESCAPE Tour 2008”, on which reactions and opinions of fans as well as sale of “In Progress” EP has overgrown boldest expectations of Manescape members.

Thanks to signing a deal with a small indie label Rebel Rockers they recorded their premier LP album “Ex-Internal”. Recording session took place in Vintage Records recording studio (Porażyn, Poland) in July’09. Album was co-produced by Maciej Cieślak and Szymon Swoboda. Few months later in autumn Manescape played the “Manescape Ex Internal Tour 2009” around Poland where they promoted their first full length album, which premier took place at the end of November (2009-11-30).

Currently the band is preparing tracks for their second album and is preparing for the next series of concerts to promote the latest release.
Band also search for the publishing deal and heads for international recognition.




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